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Weekend Lighting Workshops

Trying to perfect lighting for a video shoot, with a client demanding “The Film Look”, can be a daunting task. Particularly when you might lack the time, equipment and the expertise needed to do the job the right way. If you never thought you would be able to light the way it is done on A&E Documentaries, National TV Commercials, or even on Feature Films, guess again!

As a Videographer, it is not uncommon to “look up to” a film DP and wish your lighting could look like his or hers. The fact is; it’s more difficult to light for video than it is for film. “Lighting For Video Film Style” unlocks the secrets of lighting techniques being used by most film DP’s and explains, in easy to understand terms, how they can be applied for use in video production.

With High Definition formats changing everyday, It is getting more difficult to perfect a lighting technique that will compliment all formats. “Lighting For Video Film Style” breaks down the barriers that might have kept you from understanding how light levels in a scene directly relate to levels on a waveform monitor during the edit. Since High Definition cameras and Hi resolution digital capture depend on the pixel to render an image, traditional lighting techniques may render a subject or scene with high contrast, loss of detail in shadow and highlight areas and an overall look that might resemble typical news or event video footage (hard, cold and sharp).

The fact is, the quality of light hitting the pixel is what alters the look and texture of the image being captured without losing resolution and sharpness, unlike diffusion filters and the sometimes artificial look rendered by editing software.

Tom Musto, a twenty-year veteran Director Of Photography, whose Film & Video credits include shooting and lighting Documentaries, TV Commercials and Features, instructs the No Fluff, No Bull seminar.

About the Lighting Classes & Weekend Workshops

The One Day Lighting Class

We are now offering One-Day Lighting Classes along with Weekend Lighting Workshops. The One Day Lighting Class combines a lecture with studio demonstration that provides the student with advanced fundamentals of lighting. Topics covered include foot-candles, color temperatures and corrections, lux ratings, ISO’s, f-stop conversions, mired shifts, frame rates, shutter speeds, lighting ratios and latitudes, reading luminance levels, light meters & waveform monitors, color gels.

The enrollment cost for the One Day Lighting Class is $189.00 per person and includes a class guidebook, craft services and lunch.

The Weekend Workshop

As Media Professionals, and as Independent film and Video-makers, most of us rely on being able to light a number of different kinds of jobs while using the lights we already own.

Our “Lighting For Video Film Style” Weekend Workshop teaches you just that; how to light different types of set-ups using the equipment you might already have. If you want to be able to evaluate lighting needs for a scene and derive at the best exposure for the overall look for when it is edited, then this is the class for you!

The Weekend workshops are more intense and cover a great deal more information, with “hands on,” than the one-day classes could allow. The cost for the weekend workshop is only $425.00 and includes a class guidebook of helpful charts and diagrams, as part of the lecture session, craft services and lunch.

“The Pocono Mountain Video Workshops”, presented by Tom Musto Productions, has been developed as a way to give everyone attending the opportunity to get “hands on” experience with lighting a number of setups ranging from a one-person interview to lighting a scene for a feature. You will work from a 3-ton grip truck with an extensive tungsten and daylight lighting package along with dolly and track. We have designed the weekend to give each participant as much experience with using equipment as the time frame will allow, so come prepared to work!

No other lighting workshop provides this much information and opportunity in the same time period at such a low cost! A listing for local hotels and eateries will be supplied upon registration.

  • We will cover topics such as f-stops, foot-candles, exposure latitudes, lighting ratios and color temperatures along with color correction techniques.
  • You will learn how to use light meters, grip equipment, diffusion, nets and flags and various types of lighting instruments.
  • We will discuss and demonstrate various lighting set-ups, so you learn “how-to” first hand.
  • We do not teach by using diagrams; we teach techniques and formulas that you will be able to refer to when shooting in a studio or on location.
  • You will receive a guidebook, which outlines seminar topics and is complete with graphs and charts that will help you determine equipment selections and aid you when planning your own lighting set-ups.
  • We will review the differences between shooting on film and shooting on a digital format while we delve into what constitutes “The Film Look.”
  • You will learn how to control light levels in a scene and how they will be rendered on a waveform monitor during the edit.
  • We will demonstrate how to light for different skin tones and explain how to manage the ratios in the same scene.
  • You will have an opportunity to direct talent on a set and practice composing and shooting a scene from a moving dolly.


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